LC-LC Multimode OM3 Duplex Fibre Patch Lead

LC-LC Multimode OM3 Duplex Fibre Patch Lead


LC-LC OM3 fibre patch leads constructed on Aqua 3.0mm diameter low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) multimode duplex cable. OM3 is specified with a 50µm core and 125µm cladding supporting 10 Gbps link distances up to 300 meters.
  • LC-LC Connectors
  • 50µm core / 125µm cladding
  • Duplex Multimode OM3
  • Cable Diameter 3.0mm
  • Aqua LSZH Jacket
  • Insertion Loss 0.3dB
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FP-31A0.5 0.5m 76 In Stock£1.71£1.82£2.05£2.28£2.74
FP-31A1 1m 52 In Stock£1.65£1.76£1.98£2.21£2.65
FP-31A1.5 1.5m 10 In Stock£3.75£4.00£4.50£5.00£6.00
FP-31A2 2m Out of Stock£1.92£2.05£2.31£2.57£3.08
FP-31A3 3m 348 In Stock£2.17£2.32£2.61£2.90£3.48
FP-31A5 5m 3 In Stock£2.60£2.77£3.12£3.47£4.16
FP-31A7 7m 2 In Stock£3.25£3.47£3.90£4.34£5.21
FP-31A10 10m Out of Stock£3.56£3.79£4.27£4.74£5.69
FP-31A15 15m 116 In Stock£4.82£5.14£5.78£6.42£7.70
FP-31A20 20m 27 In Stock£5.68£6.06£6.82£7.58£9.10
FP-31A25 25m Out of Stock£9.80£10.45£11.76£13.07£15.68
FP-31A30 30m Out of Stock£8.11£8.65£9.73£10.82£12.98
FP-31A50 50m Out of Stock£48.20£51.41£57.83£64.26£77.11
FP-31A100 100m Out of Stock£48.48£51.71£58.17£64.64£77.57